Matt Leaverton

Software and Electronics.

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Glowforge

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Electric 1

Telecaster with Stratocaster neck. Double binding. Sunburst finish.

Finished electric guitar in case

Inspired by Eric Clapton's Blind Faith Telecaster.

Clapton's Blind Faith Tele

Neck replacement Jun 27, 2012 Refinish Jan 16, 2016

Last electronics rework between Mar 22, 2018 and Dec 26, 2018

Clapton blind faith - tele with a strat headstock

Build from scratch - neck, body, pickups

Pickup winder K'nex, drill press, potting in wax

"Wire it myself, I'm an EE!" :/ - Dec 12, 2008 images

Forgetting how to use all the available settings

Neck replacement surgery - broken bolts; neck wasn't ultimately that great

Off the shelf neck

New pickups, new wiring, simpler and simpler

Seymour Duncan pickups - images Aug 22, 2015