Matt Leaverton

Software and Electronics.

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Glowforge

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Books 2019

Book Author Month Format Notes
Iron Gold Pierce Brown February Hardcopy
Crazy Rich Asians Kevin Kwan February Audio
Skyward Brandon Sanderson March Hardcopy
The Keeper of Lost Things Ruth Hogan April Audio
Ender in Exile Orson Scott Card May Hardcopy
Feminist Fight Club Jessica Bennett May E-Book
Zoe's Tale John Scalzi May Hardcopy
Star Wars: Bloodlines Claudia Gray May Hardcopy
Old Man's War John Scalzi June Hardcopy
Thrawn Timothy Zahn June Audiobook
Foundryside Robert Jackson Bennett June Hardcopy
Thrawn: Alliances Timothy Zahn June Hardcopy
The Ghost Brigades John Scalzi June Hardcopy
The Last Colony John Scalzi June Hardcopy
Delerium Lauren Oliver June Audiobook
The Jewel and Her Lapidary Fran Wilde June Audiobook
Fuzzy Nation John Scalzi June Hardcopy
The Silkworm Robert Galbraith June Audiobook
Career of Evil Robert Galbraith July Audiobook
Lethal White Robert Galbraith July Audiobook
Mars Inc Ben Bova July Hardcopy
Recursion Blake Crouch July Audiobook
Ruins of Gorlan John Flanagan July Audiobook
The Burning Bridge John Flanagan August Audiobook
Magic for Liars Sarah Gailey August Audiobook
The Icebound Land John Flanagan August Audiobook
The Consuming Fire John Scalzi August Ebook
The Battle for Skandia John Flanagan August Audiobook
Legion Brandon Sanderson August Hardcopy
Before the Fall Noah Hawley August Hardcopy
Still Life Louise Penny August Hardcopy
Nine Perfect Strangers Liane Moriarty August Ebook
Ancestral Night Elizabeth Bear August Audiobook
The Sorcerer of the North John Flanagan September Audiobook
City of Stairs Robert Jackson Bennett September Ebook
Siege of Macindaw John Flanagan September Audiobook
City of Blades Robert Jackson Bennett September Ebook
Everything I Never Told You Celeste Ng September Audiobook
Masters of Doom David Kushner September Hardcopy
Pandemonium Lauren Oliver September Audiobook
Dark Age Pierce Brown September Ebook
Erak's Ransom John Flanagan October Audiobook
Deep Work Cal Newport October Hardcopy Work Book Club
Thrawn: Treason Timothy Zahn October Audiobook
Steelheart Brandon Sanderson October Ebook
Storm Front Jim Butcher October Ebook
Requiem Lauren Oliver October Audiobook
Firefight Brandon Sanderson October Ebook
Calamity Brandon Sanderson October Hardcopy
Full Moon Jim Butcher October Ebook
Sleeping Giants Sylvain Newell October Ebook
Spine of the Dragon Kevin J Anderson October Audiobook
Grave Peril Jim Butcher October Ebook
The Law of Nines Terry Goodkind November Audiobook
The Kings of Clonmel John Flanagan November Audiobook
City of Miracles Robert Jackson Bennett November Ebook
Summer Knight Jim Butcher November Ebook
Death Masks Jim Butcher November Ebook
The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks November Audiobook
Blood Rites Jim Butcher November Ebook
The Prisoner of Cell 25 Richard Paul Evans November Audiobook
The Fifth Season NK Jemisin November Audiobook
Dead Beat Jim Butcher November Ebook
Proven Guilty Jim Butcher December Ebook
Halt's Peril John Flanagan December Audiobook
White Night Jim Butcher December Ebook
Small Favor Jim Butcher December Ebook
Emperor of Nihon-Ja John Flanagan December Audiobook
Turn Coat Jim Butcher December Ebook
What You Do is Who You Are Ben Horowitz December Audiobook Work Book Club
Rise of the Elgen Richard Paul Evans December Audiobook
Fatal Grace Louise Penny December Hardcopy
The Obelisk Gate NK Jemisin December Audiobook
Changes Jim Butcher December Ebook
The Stone Sky NK Jemisin December Audiobook
Ghost Story Jim Butcher December Ebook