Matt Leaverton

Software and Electronics.

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Glowforge

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Backyard Playset

As with all worthwhile projects, this one begins with a request for permission from the HOA to build something in my own backyard. Started with the "Obstacle Course" from DIYTyler and made some changes to suit our needs.

Ordered all lumber online just in time before prices went crazy. I will also never order lumber any way other than online if possible. Last time I picked up my own lumber in person, I rented a truck and spent several hours wrestling 4x8 sheets of plywood alone in the aisles of Home Depot. This time, a pallet full of exactly everything I needed was delivered directly onto my driveway. It took nearly two hours to move the lumber from my driveway inside the garage - no telling how long it would have taken to pick it up myself from the store. Due to the weight of the lumber, I got to replace the wheels with decent casters on my workbench.

Playset Lumber

Playset Frame

Playset Progress

Took a break when the state froze solid for a few days and took the power with it

Playset Frozen

The best part of the whole project - space to hang a hammock. This is MKII of hammock hanging solution - initially tried hanging with wire rope to a painful conclusion. Successfully used hooks for a porch swing, which are perfectly spaced for my hammock to clip directly into (as I did, in fact, ensure the dimensions of the playset would be ideal for hammock hanging).

Playset Hammock