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OpenCV Explorer

There is little more overwhelming than the blank page of a new image processing project. Looking at the white canvas of OpenCV can be tricky, even with a plan in mind. This will be a tool to ease initializing a project and aid in exploring and tweaking image processing solutions in a slick, persistent GUI setting.


  • Live view
  • Toggle to raw view (unprocessed); side-by-side?
  • Intermediate image views assignable (pack the images in and organize together)
  • Pan, Zoom available and controllable with mouse, keyboard, finger


  • All opencv methods available
  • Useful or regular usage items assigned shortcut names
  • Certain useful functions aliased for quick use (resize, to black and white, save to file)
  • Can use unix -x or list args in order
  • Can take video or image sources as input
  • Syntax errors are noted on a line and ignored (rest of script unaffected)
  • Variable assignment (save this output for use later by name)
    • Indexable for multi-output methods?
    • Raw image is auto assigned a variable like %RAW% or similar
  • Show line numbers
  • Swap lines, duplicate lines, delete, cut/paste whole lines from keyboard shortcuts

Help / Learn:

  • Searchable knowledge base of methods and syntax
  • Show info about active command in the editor
  • Browseable compendium of all opencv commands with description, args, and shortcuts (if applicable)

Factory / Filter / Modifier:

  • Group all objects together in a folder
  • File per modifier (opencv command)
  • Object handles syntax, argument distribution, inputs/outputs
  • Object handles code generation
  • Need a destruct for when it is removed (e.g. stop video capture)


  • Code generation on demand (Python)