Matt Leaverton

Software and Electronics.

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Glowforge

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Books 2022

Book Author Month Format Notes
Captain's Fury Jim Butcher January Audiobook
Princep's Fury Jim Butcher January Audiobook
Happy is the New Healthy Dave Romanelli January Audiobook Work Book Club
First Lord's Fury Jim Butcher January Audiobook
Mycroft Holmes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar January Hardcopy Book Club
Cytonic Brandon Sanderson February Hardcopy
Drums of Autumn Diana Gabaldon February Audiobook
Miss Moriarty, I Presume? Sherry Thomas February Audiobook
A Gathering of Shadows V.E. Schwab February Audiobook
Sunreach Brandon Sanderson February Audiobook
ReDawn Brandon Sanderson February Audiobook
Evershore Brandon Sanderson February Audiobook
Virgins Diana Gabaldon March Audiobook
Apples Never Fall Liane Moriarty March Hardcopy
4000 Weeks: Time Management for Mortals Oliver Burkeman March Audiobook Work Book Club
A Breath of Snow and Ashes Diana Gabaldon March Audiobook
A Conjuring of Light V.E. Schwab March Audiobook
The Hardware Hacker Bunnie Huang March Hardcopy
The Maid Nita Prose March Audiobook
Sid Meier's Memoir! Sid Meier April Hardcopy
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Dennis E Taylor April Hardcopy Book Club
An Echo in the Bone Diana Gabaldon April Audiobook
Kingdom of Copper S.A. Chakraborty April Hardcopy
Gallant V.E. Schwab April Audiobook
Written in My Own Heart's Blood Diana Gabaldon April Audiobook
Anxious People Fredrik Backman May Audiobook
Go Tell the Bees I'm Gone Diana Gabaldon May Audiobook
Leviathan Wakes James S.A. Corey May Audiobook
Empire of Gold S.A. Chakraborty May Hardcopy
State of Terror Louise Penny and Hillary Clinton May Hardcopy
Great Circle Maggie Shipstead June Audiobook
The Half-Life of Facts Samuel Arbesman June Audiobook Work Book Club
Caliban's War James S.A. Corey June Audiobook
The Alloy of Law (re-read) Brandon Sanderson June Hardcopy
Abaddon's Gate James S.A. Corey June Audiobook
Shadows of Self (re-read) Brandon Sanderson June Hardcopy
The Storyteller Dave Grohl June Audiobook Book Club
The Bands of Mourning (re-read) Brandon Sanderson July Hardcopy
Cibola Burn James S.A. Corey July Audiobook
Golden Couple Greer Hendricks July Audiobook
Scorpica G.R. Macallister July Audiobook
Part of Your World Abby Jiminez July Audiobook
The Unsinkable Greta James Jennifer E. Smith July Audiobook
Age of Myth Michael J Sullivan August Audiobook
Age of Swords Michael J Sullivan August Audiobook
Age of War Michael J Sullivan August Audiobook
Nemesis Games James S.A. Corey August Audiobook
Vicious V.E. Schwab August Hardcopy
Babylon's Ashes James S.A. Corey August Audiobook
Cult Classic Sloane Crosley August Audiobook
Persepolis Rising James S.A. Corey September Audiobook
How I Built This Guy Raz September Audiobook Work Book Club
Tiamat's Wrath James S.A. Corey September Audiobook
Age of Legend Michael J Sullivan September Audiobook
Age of Death Michael J Sullivan September Ebook
Age of Empyre Michael J Sullivan September Ebook
The Last Kingdom Bernard Cornwall September Audiobook Book Club
Leviathan Falls James S.A. Corey October Audiobook
The Displacements Bruce Holsinger October Audiobook
Challenger Deep Neal Shusterman October Audiobook Book Club
The Bodyguard Katherine Center October Audiobook
Two Nights in Lisbon Chris Pavone October Audiobook
The Magic of Recluce L.E. Modesitt Jr November Audiobook
The Towers of the Sunset L.E. Modesitt Jr November Audiobook
Upgrade Blake Crouch November Hardcopy
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Gabrielle Zevin November Audiobook
Locklands Robert Jackson Bennett November Audiobook
Troubled Blood Robert Galbraith December Audiobook
Lessons in Chemistry Bonnie Garmus December Hardcopy
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Claire North December Audiobook Book Club
Ark Veronica Roth December Audiobook
Randomize Andy Weir December Audiobook
You Have Arrived at Your Destination Amor Towles December Audiobook
The Last Conversation Paul Tremblay December Audiobook
Emergency Skin N.K. Jemisin December Audiobook
Ask Iwata Satoru Iwata December Hardcopy
Adorning the Dark Andrew Peterson December Hardcopy