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Increase Your Attack Surface

My first blog was a WordPress site borne from a long forgotten University assignment. Undoubtedly it was meandering, inane, and self-important - I am grateful that even the Internet Archive has misplaced the details.

Thanks to Aaron Francis in his article Publishing your work increases your luck, I have reconsidered my hesitance for writing and I am discovering joy in the process of sharing itself.

One theme of the article is the "Luck Surface Area", which reminds me of Attack Surface cybersecurity (as taught to me by my colleague Chris). Chris said in one of his training sessions:

"Hacking is not a naturally occurring event - there is a malicious, intelligent force at work" - Chris Gates

Similarly, writing is not a natural event, but one undertaken with deliberation and care. With intent to be malicious rarely and intelligent occasionally, I hope to do what the article recommends:

"Whatever you’re excited about, be excited about it publicly." - Aaron Francis