Matt Leaverton

Software and Electronics.

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Glowforge

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VPS with Vultr

I have started using Vultr for a cheap VPS instance (again - I initially signed up back in June 2021, resulting in Vultr getting a year of billing out of me for free). I'm using the base level Cloud Compute, which is great for my purposes, and again - is cheap. I am planning to experimenting with hosting several simple Dockerized web apps for personal use.

Setup process was very simple - a few clicks, selecting a distro (Debian), a server name, and billing setup. There is a nifty web VNC client (using noVNC) accessible from the Vultr server dashboard that makes initial connection and setup dead simple. I copied over my SSH key and was off to the races (after I got IPv6 working on my local network).

I added a new user so that I do not live in root all the time:

adduser matt
usermod -aG sudo matt

Disable password authentication for ssh

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
# Change the line with #PasswordAuthentication yes to PasswordAuthentication no
sudo systemctl restart sshd